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Final 1 2 Tot
27 41 68
34 37 71
12:00 PM PT1:00 PM MT2:00 PM CT3:00 PM ET8:00 PM GMT4:00 PM 北京时间1:00 PM MST3:00 PM EST, Dec 22, 2018
E.A. Diddle Arena, Bowling Green, Kentucky  Attendance: 5,026

Play by Play
20:00End of the Game6871
20:00End of the 2nd Half6871
20:09StMryMalik Fitts misses a jump shot.6871
20:12StMryMalik Fitts misses a jump shot.6871
20:16StMryJordan Ford misses a jump shot.6871
20:18StMry take a full timeout.6871
20:18StMry take a full timeout.6871
20:18StMryJordan Ford makes a layup shot.6871
20:30StMryJordan Ford makes a layup shot.6671
20:31WestKyDalano Banton misses free throw 1 of 3.6471
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20:31WestKyDalano Banton misses free throw 1 of 2.6471
20:31StMryPersonal foul committed by Jordan Ford.6471
20:40StMryJordan Ford makes a layup shot.6471
20:43WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes free throw 2 of 2.6271
20:43WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes free throw 1 of 2.6270
20:43WestKyDalano Banton makes a jump shot.6269
20:43StMryPersonal foul committed by Elijah Thomas.6267
20:44StMry take a full timeout.6267
20:44StMryJordan Ford makes a layup shot.6267
20:51WestKyCharles Bassey misses free throw 1 of 1.6067
20:51StMryPersonal foul committed by Jordan Hunter.6067
21:23StMryMalik Fitts makes free throw 2 of 2.6067
21:23StMryMalik Fitts makes free throw 1 of 2.5967
21:23WestKyPersonal foul committed by Josh Anderson.5867
21:50WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth misses a jump shot.5867
22:23StMryMalik Fitts misses a 3-point jump shot.5867
22:31WestKyJosh Anderson misses free throw 1 of 1.5867
22:31StMryPersonal foul committed by Malik Fitts.5867
23:04StMryJordan Ford makes a layup shot.5867
23:22StMryJordan Hunter misses a layup shot.5667
23:39WestKyJosh Anderson makes a jump shot.5667
23:52WestKy take a 20-second timeout.5665
24:00StMryTanner Krebs misses a layup shot.5665
24:06WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth misses a jump shot.5665
24:18StMryJordan Hunter misses a tip shot.5665
24:30WestKyJosh Anderson makes a layup shot.5665
24:54StMryTanner Krebs makes a 3-point jump shot.5663
25:04WestKyJosh Anderson makes a dunk shot.5363
25:31WestKyJosh Anderson makes a 3-point jump shot.5361
25:32StMry take a full timeout.5358
26:13StMryMalik Fitts misses a jump shot.5358
26:16StMryMalik Fitts misses a jump shot.5358
26:29WestKyJared Savage makes a jump shot.5358
26:36StMryMalik Fitts makes free throw 2 of 2.5356
26:36StMryMalik Fitts makes free throw 1 of 2.5256
26:37WestKyPersonal foul committed by Josh Anderson.5156
27:00WestKyJared Savage misses a dunk shot.5156
27:08StMryJordan Ford misses a layup shot.5156
27:36WestKyCharles Bassey misses a layup shot.5156
27:54WestKy take a full timeout.5156
27:56StMryTommy Kuhse misses a 3-point jump shot.5156
28:12WestKyDalano Banton misses a 3-point jump shot.5156
28:28StMryDan Fotu makes a 3-point jump shot.5156
28:39WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth misses a jump shot.4856
28:51StMryJordan Ford makes a 3-point jump shot.4856
29:02WestKyJosh Anderson misses free throw 2 of 2.4556
29:02WestKyJosh Anderson makes free throw 1 of 2.4556
29:02StMryShooting foul committed by Tanner Krebs.4555
29:14StMryJordan Ford misses a jump shot.4555
29:26WestKyCharles Bassey misses a 3-point jump shot.4555
29:35StMryMalik Fitts makes a layup shot.4555
29:41WestKyPersonal foul committed by Dalano Banton.4355
29:50WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes a jump shot.4355
29:58StMryPersonal foul committed by Jock Perry.4353
210:19StMryMalik Fitts misses a jump shot.4353
210:35StMryTanner Krebs misses a 3-point jump shot.4353
210:44WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes a jump shot.4353
211:02Official's timeout.4351
211:02WestKyPersonal foul committed by Marek Nelson.4351
211:06WestKyPersonal foul committed by Tolu Smith.4351
211:31StMryJock Perry misses a jump shot.4351
211:50WestKyTolu Smith makes free throw 2 of 2.4351
211:50WestKyTolu Smith makes free throw 1 of 2.4350
211:50WestKy take a full timeout.4349
211:50StMryShooting foul committed by Jordan Hunter.4349
212:27StMryJordan Hunter makes a jump shot.4349
212:35WestKyDalano Banton makes a jump shot.4149
212:50StMryTanner Krebs makes a 3-point jump shot.4147
212:59WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes a layup shot.3847
213:03WestKyJosh Anderson misses a jump shot.3845
213:07StMryJordan Ford misses a jump shot.3845
213:24StMryJordan Ford misses a jump shot.3845
213:34StMryDan Fotu misses a layup shot.3845
213:45WestKyPersonal foul committed by Taveion Hollingsworth.3845
214:02WestKyJosh Anderson makes a jump shot.3845
214:16StMryMalik Fitts makes a jump shot.3843
214:32WestKyJared Savage misses a 3-point jump shot.3643
214:46StMryJordan Ford makes a jump shot.3643
215:00WestKyTolu Smith makes a layup shot.3443
215:13StMryShooting foul committed by Malik Fitts.3441
215:39WestKyDalano Banton misses a 3-point jump shot.3441
215:58WestKy take a full timeout.3441
215:58StMryPersonal foul committed by Jordan Hunter.3441
216:22StMryMalik Fitts makes a layup shot.3441
216:54WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes a jump shot.3241
217:43StMryMalik Fitts makes a dunk shot.3239
217:43WestKyPersonal foul committed by Charles Bassey.3039
217:56StMryJordan Hunter misses a jump shot.3039
218:13WestKyDalano Banton makes a tip shot.3039
218:40StMryMalik Fitts makes a 3-point jump shot.3037
219:06WestKyJared Savage makes a 3-point jump shot.2737
219:21StMryPersonal foul committed by Dan Fotu.2734
219:30StMryJordan Hunter misses a jump shot.2734
219:48WestKyMarek Nelson misses a jump shot.2734
220:00Start of the 2nd Half2734
10:00End of the 1st Half2734
10:00StMryTanner Krebs makes a dunk shot.2734
10:10WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth misses a 3-point jump shot.2534
10:22StMryJordan Hunter makes free throw 2 of 2.2534
10:22WestKy take a 20-second timeout.2434
10:22StMryJordan Hunter misses free throw 1 of 2.2434
10:22WestKyPersonal foul committed by Marek Nelson.2434
10:47StMryJordan Ford misses a jump shot.2434
10:50WestKyPersonal foul committed by Charles Bassey.2434
11:13StMryMalik Fitts makes free throw 2 of 2.2434
11:13StMryMalik Fitts makes free throw 1 of 2.2334
11:13WestKyPersonal foul committed by Jared Savage.2234
11:25StMryElijah Thomas misses a 3-point jump shot.2234
11:52WestKyJosh Anderson makes a dunk shot.2234
11:56StMryJordan Ford misses a 3-point jump shot.2232
12:43StMryJordan Ford makes a 3-point jump shot.2232
13:02WestKyDalano Banton makes a jump shot.1932
13:13StMryTommy Kuhse misses a jump shot.1930
13:22StMry take a 20-second timeout.1930
13:34WestKyMarek Nelson makes a 3-point jump shot.1930
13:55StMryTommy Kuhse misses a 3-point jump shot.1927
14:05WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes a jump shot.1927
14:16WestKyPersonal foul committed by Marek Nelson.1925
14:32WestKyPersonal foul committed by Charles Bassey.1925
14:52WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth makes a jump shot.1925
15:01StMryPersonal foul committed by Tanner Krebs.1923
15:26StMryJordan Ford misses a layup shot.1923
15:56StMryMalik Fitts misses a layup shot.1923
16:08StMryMalik Fitts makes a layup shot.1923
16:32WestKyCharles Bassey makes a 3-point jump shot.1723
16:55StMryMalik Fitts makes a jump shot.1720
17:00StMryDan Fotu misses a 3-point jump shot.1520
17:03StMry take a full timeout.1520
17:03WestKyPersonal foul committed by Jeremiah Gambrell.1520
17:33WestKyJared Savage misses a jump shot.1520
17:57StMryElijah Thomas misses a 3-point jump shot.1520
18:06WestKyLamonte Bearden misses a layup shot.1520
18:54WestKyJosh Anderson misses a jump shot.1520
18:59StMryPersonal foul committed by Jordan Ford.1520
19:32WestKyJosh Anderson makes a jump shot.1520
19:54WestKyJosh Anderson misses a layup shot.1518
19:55StMryPersonal foul committed by Jordan Ford.1518
110:17StMryJordan Ford misses a jump shot.1518
110:27StMryJordan Ford misses a layup shot.1518
110:35StMryJordan Ford makes a 3-point jump shot.1518
111:19WestKyTaveion Hollingsworth misses a 3-point jump shot.1218
111:30WestKy take a full timeout.1218
111:52WestKyDalano Banton makes a 3-point jump shot.1218
112:10StMryMalik Fitts makes a layup shot.1215
112:27WestKyJosh Anderson makes a layup shot.1015
112:34StMryPersonal foul committed by Malik Fitts.1013
112:47WestKyJared Savage misses a layup shot.1013
113:08WestKyMarek Nelson makes a jump shot.1013
113:30StMryJordan Ford makes a layup shot.1011
113:52WestKyJared Savage makes a layup shot.811
114:02StMryMalik Fitts makes free throw 1 of 1.89
114:02WestKyShooting foul committed by Jared Savage.79
114:03StMryMalik Fitts makes a layup shot.79
114:43StMryJordan Ford makes a 3-point jump shot.59
115:09StMryJordan Hunter misses a jump shot.29
115:34WestKyJared Savage makes a jump shot.29
115:38Official TV timeout.27
115:38StMryPersonal foul committed by Tommy Kuhse.27
115:49StMryJordan Hunter misses a jump shot.27
116:20WestKyDalano Banton makes a layup shot.27
116:26StMryJordan Ford misses a jump shot.25
116:38WestKyPersonal foul committed by Dalano Banton.25
116:58WestKyMarek Nelson misses a jump shot.25
117:15StMryDan Fotu makes a jump shot.25
117:43WestKyCharles Bassey makes a layup shot.05
119:16WestKyJared Savage makes a 3-point jump shot.03
119:25StMryTommy Kuhse misses a jump shot.00
119:36WestKyCharles Bassey misses a jump shot.00
119:43WestKyDalano Banton misses a jump shot.00
119:48StMryDan Fotu misses a jump shot.00
120:00Start of the 1st Half00
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